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Here at Topphoto, we understand how valuable apparel photographs are for an online clothing shop. This is why we see to it that we have a team who specializes in clothing photo editing services.

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Women’s Apparel

Retouching a woman’s dress takes a lot of effort because it is a must to ensure that all the details are kept as is. There is a need to use advanced image masking in order to preserve the design and show off even the tiniest of details. It is essential that a highly skilled editor will perform the task since there is also a wide range of dress variety to edit, from simple shift dresses to more detailed wedding and ball gowns. For women’s apparel, our clothes photo editor applies the following photo editing:

  • Apparel’s wrinkles & flaws removal
  • Image masking & clipping path
  • Changing background to transparent or plain white
  • Model skin retouching
  • Color correction, shadow removal

Men’s Apparel

When it comes to men’s apparel, it is usually consisting of simple cuts and less details, unlike that of the woman’s clothing. For this type of clothing photo retouch, what the photo editor is aiming for is to have crisp-looking clothes. There is absolutely no room for wrinkling or stains especially if you are taking photos of suits, formal pants, and shirts.

  • Background retouching
  • Wrinkles & folds removal
  • Photo cropping
  • Model retouching
  • Basic image masking & clipping


For intimate clothing such as undergarments, underwears and lingeries, it is very important to make the products look as hygienic as possible. Aside from making sure that there are no unnecessary wrinkling, stains, and other flaws, the clothes photo editor must be careful at choosing the background or when adding props to the photos.

  • Wrinkle, stain & folds removal
  • Image masking & clipping path
  • Color correction
  • Image cropping and resizing
  • Ghost mannequin
  • Background change/removal

Kids Apparel

Kids’ clothing is usually fun to edit. There is a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs that it would be easy to go overboard with the techniques in editing the clothes. But not with our team! Ephotovn assures that we will restrain ourselves from adding unnecessary effects that can only ruin the essence of kids’ apparels. We will keep the edits minimal, only enhancing the details and either removing or changing the background to neutral in order to make the colors pop and more appealing.

  • Remove unwanted accessories
  • Wrinkles & folds removal
  • Background removal/change
  • Color correction
  • Adding natural shadows

Handbags / Backpacks

Handbags are essential accessories to make an outfit look complete. Bags carry the essentials, such as phone, make-up kits, accessories, hand sanitizer, hanky, etc., and it also helps carry the personality of the owner.

If you are selling bags, a highend photo retouching must be applied to help make it look like a fashion statement. Our clothes photo editor will make sure that all the bag details are preserved. We also offer an efficient way to show the different color varieties of each style with our color changing techniques.

  • Color correction & changing
  • Background removal
  • Image product straightening
  • Image masking & clipping path

Hats / Caps

These are highly noticeable accessories because the face is where onlookers are first drawn with. It is important that hats are presented properly since it can either make or break a fashion statement. Hat product photography needs careful retouching, including color correction, cleaning, and even background retouching so that it looks impeccable but still realistic.

  • Flaw or fold removal
  • Color correction
  • Product color variety changing
  • Background removal

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