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At Ephotovn, we value your business as much as we are concerned about upholding our reputation. We work closely in delivering enticing product photos at the fastest turnaround time.

How we work

1. Send us 1 test image & your editing requirements. We will get back to you with the result and the price quote within 24 hours.

2. If you are satisfied with the result and agreed on the price offered per image, you can now start sending us your orders via email.

3. Upload your photos for editing through GoogleDrive, WeTransfer or Dropbox, send us the link and we will work with it accordingly.

4. Send your payment. Get the photo orders back within 24 hours and begin using them right away. We also offer free revision.


  • Adorable as they are baby photos may still end up flawed. Stray hairs, unwanted objects, smudges, and other minor flaws can still show up in photos no matter how careful the photographer is, in capturing each shot. Make your baby photos more magical with our basic newborn retouching service:
    • Skin smoothing & toning
    • Gentle color adjustment
    • Blanket smoothening
    • Hair retouching
    • Minor skin correction
    • Image color correction
    • Small objects removal


  • We understand that many photographers, even those who are experts in newborn photography, still find it difficult to have perfect baby photos. There are many things to consider, such as a comfortable position, right temperature, props and lighting. If those do not work well, then advanced newborn retouching service will save the day!
    • Highend skin retouching
    • Face liquifying
    • Blemishes, lines, spots removal
    • Image masking
    • Contrast, brightness & sharpness adjustment
    • Hair retouching
    • Color correction


  • Family photos are considered to be treasures because they capture the bond that is shared between family members. It is therefore important that photographers are able to capture the best shots in order to keep family photos as special as they can be. This is especially true for families with small children. Aside from expert newborn retouching service, we also pride professional family photo retouching. Here are some of the techniques we can do to enhance family photos:
    • Color correction
    • Beauty retouching
    • Teeth whitening
    • Skin smoothing & toning
    • Brightness & contrast adjustment
    • Backdrop change/removal

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